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We are passionate lovers of Pembroke Welsh Corgis with 8 years experience and we specialize in producing Corgi puppies with amazing quality, health, structure, charisma and temperament. Our champion lined Corgis are available in the following standard. Fur color is just as small factor of the complete makeup of our dogs. We have sourced the globe for the best and most sought after bloodlines in each breed.

Available Puppies

Those who share their homes with our puppies often describe them as intelligent and loyal, and, above all, possessing the desire to please their owners. Pembroke Welsh Corgis are generally good with children and well-mannered in the home. A Welsh Corgi is usually an exceptionally obedient dog.




Getting another dog for us was a tough choice but when I came across Marthas Welsh Corgi Puppies and fell in love with he had to offer. Our Ellie, dob 9/24/16, has been a God sent lover girl. From her disposition to her incredible ability to learn. Her smart never cease to amaze us. She is the sweetest thing and always ensure every one gets equal learning. Would highly recommend Martha for your next puppy.


We adopted Wrigley 1/21/18 and picked him up 1/27/18. We had not had a dog in over 20 years and I searched breeders for months.  Marthas Welsh Corgi Puppies came highly recommended by a service dog trainer.

I cannot begin to express how much we love Wrigley. Martha is amazing and I recommend him on every golden doodle web site I subscribe to.

Thank you Marthas Welsh Corgi Puppies for all the love and affection you give each of sweet babies. I am more then willing to be a reference to anyone considering one of sweet babies. My only problem is I can’t own them all lol.

Sherry Oakey

We are so delighted that we chose Marthas Welsh Corgi Puppies for our puppy. Augie is the love of our life. Our little bundle Of joy has turned into a beautiful seven-month-old who is so loving and well behaved . He has been so smart and loving from the day we brought him home that we could never imagine not having him . If another corgi is in our future to join Age as a playmate we would definitely contact Marthas Welsh Corgi Puppies again . they show such kindness and care for each one of their babies there is no other breeder that we would consider!

Dana And Bill Nosek


We picked up our corgi puppy from Martha’s on Dec. 11, 2019. He has been a tremendous addition to our family. It is amazing how smart he really is. At only 3 months old he is almost house broken and can sit, spin, lay down and stay on command. He is a real cuddle bug yet loves to play with his toys and fetch. We recommend Martha’s if you’re thinking of getting a new puppy.

Lynda J


The rest of us are equally enamored with the puppy–She is just the perfect addition. I also want to thank you for the entire process. You were supportive open and honest throughout the entire process. I could not imagine a better experience. We all feel we not only have the perfect puppy but we also made good friends in the process.

Briela Tosk


Marthas Welsh Corgi Puppies, I know you told me someone didn’t think batman’s semen was fertile enough. Well when my vet got it and checked it, he said it was one of the best samples he had ever checked when someone used chilled semen.

Thanks so much for working with me under strict time constraints. This is what I wish we all got from stud services every time. Thank you very much.



Good morning,
Daisy is currently doing great and is growing as happy as possible. I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the sunshine of our days , she is always playing, giving us love and making funny faces!!!
My Regards,

Kathlin Silva


Hi there, we are very glad to share an updated picture of our Jane, which we got a couple of months before from you. We have to tell you he is an amazing puppy. People stop us constantly, to play with him. Other Puppy owners tell us how perfect he is!!!!
We just adore him. Anthony teases me that I constantly kiss him and say under my breath, “he is so cute and love, affection and outgoing”!!!!!

Mr Tom Vincent N.


Marthas Welsh Corgi Home is a professional breeder who truly cares for the welfare of her puppies. they made sure our baby was safely delivered within 48 hours of my purchase. Now our lulu is a happy healthy addition to our family, and she is absolutely gorgeous and intelligent!!

Jessica Cotman


I wanted to write and let you know how little Lizzy is adjusting to her new home. She has claimed several parts of the house and furniture as her own. Her favorite places are: the kitchen, reclining loveseat sofa and our or actually her queen size bed. At first she really enjoyed her new crate for about a month but now since we let her roam in the house she stays mostly in the sunroom with Ken. While Ken watches television, he will feed her popcorn, greenies, or doggie treats. I make sure these are all low calorie and in limited amounts. Lizzy is a little rough on Chewy when it comes down to eating so we’ve had to feed them separate. She may be at least half his size but I don’t think she knows it and he lets her push him around.

Sandri Viala


To the future puppy buyer: My wife & I purchased a cute puppy and can only say our experience was fantastic ! We had many questions about the puppies, their dispositions, and sizes. Ella was so helpful all through the purchasing process and beyond with ideas on training and which food to choose. Their knowledge of this breed and their helpful way made for a wonderful experience. For the puppy herself, we can only say that she has the sweetest disposition, the gentle nature that we wanted and is a little dream girl. Our Belle was given the best start in life. We couldn’t be happier !



These are the most cute, kind and loving puppies in the world! Love the breed and love my babies very much! Thank you so much for your wonderful job! I’ve sent you some pictures by email so you can enjoy your baby as well. She is the sunshine of our days , she is always playing, giving us love and making funny faces!!!

Jamie Parks


Being an owner of such a wonderful puppy is an extremely responsible thing! Thank you for all your help and professional assistance with our pet. We’ve had the gorgeous lead and harness for a few weeks now and love it! It’s so well made and incredible looking. Thank you again for his amazing new look

Tommy R.



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